The Shibaura Machine Standard for Tool Holders

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, November 8, 2022 - 

What to Consider When Choosing a Tool Holder 

When it comes to machining accuracy of machine tools and product quality, tool holders can be highly influential. Shibaura machine tools are designed to use a high quality CAT50 taper tool holder with the proper tool clamping system which allows for the effective and safe connection between the tool and the machine itself so that shops can consistently produce quality and reliable products safely all while cutting down on tool vibration. Using a quality tool holder allows machinists improved stability to ensure precision cuts every time.

Tool holders are designed to support durable cutting tools. Any imbalance between the tool holder assembly and machine can damage the final workpiece and possibly shorten the machine lifespan.

Flexible Tool Holders Make The Difference 

Your machine tool, machining process, and final product will help you decide which tool holder is best suited for your application. From complex workpiece shapes to deep boring operations these are some of factors that are taken into consideration when deciding which tool holder to select. 

CAT50 tool holders are extremely flexible to accommodate a variety of tools within certain sizes serving a vast number of purposes for machine tools. With such a robust design they are an excellent choice for your Shibaura Machine.

This type of tool holder has become a popular choice for good reason. High quality CAT50 tool holders not only improve cutting accuracy and part quality, but reduce scrap. The tool holder accepts both imperial and metric sized tools.

Another option to consider is a simultaneous interface tool holder where you have both taper and face contact.  These types of tool holders greatly enhance the rigidity and repeatability, offering higher performance to 5-axis machining applications, heavy milling cutting, or deep boring applications. The simultaneous contact allows for a new level of flexibility.

Contact Our Experts to Learn More

If you are in the need for more capability and improved margins contact our Machine Tool team to discuss what is the best tool holder configuration for your machine tool.

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