Exploring The Benefits of On-Machine Measuring with Machine Tools

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, September 9, 2022 - 

Incorporating on-machine measurement on machine tools has increasingly become a way for shops to drastically reduce the time required to measure parts and reduce production lead time. As technology has evolved, it has also improved the quality of cutting work and reduced process waste, bringing shops a true competitive advantage.

Of course, this does not mean that 3D measurement is unnecessary but repeating machining and measurement while maintaining the same setup alleviates setup errors by humans and reduces errors in the machining process. On-machine measuring is an effective choice for low-volume, high-mix productions, and mass productions.

Drive Efficiency and Productivity in Your Production

Measuring on the machine tool provides a valuable source of information in the machining process if done properly. Using its data allows for workpieces to be aligned before or in between the process, improve part quality, or even improve the overall production process. However, the time required for measurement directly affects the machine's operating rate so it is important to ensure machine tools' geometric accuracy to measure parts within all tolerances specified for the part, otherwise, the on-machine measurement will be unusable and the parts may not be machined to tolerance.

With the voice of the customer in mind, Shibaura Machine’s Automatic Measurement and Automatic Tool Length Measurement functions allow our customers the option to easily and reliably perform on-machine measurements. It is now possible to automatically create programs for measurement and then monitor and follow their progress to ensure part tolerances are maintained. This not only improves the machining accuracy of workpieces, but increases productivity, reduces machine stoppages, and provides valuable data to optimize the process.

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As shops continually work to improve quality and speed up productivity, on-machine measuring is a great function to consider. Our team recommends comparing the processing and measurement time while considering the size, shape, and machining cost of the workpiece in order to decide if on-machine measuring is the best option for your machine tools.  

If your shop is looking to shorten work time and improve part quality, contact our Machine Tool Team to learn more about how the Automatic Measurement and Automatic Tool Length Measurement functions can help.


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