Improve Efficiency and Grow Opportunity with a Multi-tasking Machine Tool

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, October 24, 2022 - 

Being able to combine functions in a single machine tool has long allowed us to save time, save money, and increase efficiency. Everything from smartphones to printers, even gym equipment, has been transformed to provide multiple tasks in a single product. And as manufacturing has evolved, machine tool technology now also provides a single setup approach to machining multiple processes.

Multi-tasking machine tools allow shops the ability to combine functionalities in a single machine. From processing raw material to finished parts, it allows shops greater ROI by providing the capabilities they require to machine parts without changing workpiece setups. By combining several functions in a single machine, shops not only recognize productivity and accuracy gains, but also human error reduction.  

Multi-tasking Machine Tool Benefits

The great thing about multi-tasking machine tools is you can combine several cutting processes in a single machine. 

For example, Shibaura Machine’s line of double-column type multi-tasking machining centers allows machinists to take advantage of the lathe capabilities. These machines also function as a 5-axis machining center by adding the lathe, table indexing and automatic attachment changer. This not only reduces cycle time, but workpiece handling by performing as a vertical machine tool and enabling multi-tasking plus 5-axis machining within the single unit.

Shibaura Machine’s bridge-type multi-tasking machine, the MP-2620(U), is ideal for complex geometries and process management. This machine tool reduces both setup time, error, and machining processes by combining the capabilities of a double column machining center, vertical turning lathe, and 5-axis machining.

The MP-2620(U) features a milling spindle and continuously rotating table. With the addition of the rotary table it makes it possible to perform milling operations as a contouring table. This multi-tasking machine tool can be used in a number of manufacturing scenarios and is especially useful when producing parts for industries such as oil & gas, construction & mining, automotive, and aerospace.

Get the Most Out of Your Multi-tasking Machine Tool

Investing in a multi-tasking machine tool not only provides amazing productivity gains, but opens the door to more opportunities. Shops can easily accommodate requests for complex parts while increasing their overall ROI.  

As a leader in machine tool technology, Shibaura Machine has played a critical role in advancing multi-tasking machines. To learn more about the MP-2620(U), please contact the Machine Tool team.

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