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Double Column Type Machining Center MP-(U) Machine

The MP-2620(U) is a flexible double column type machine with rotary table and 5 axes indexing spindle attachments for multi axes applications in aerospace and energy industries. 

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X Stroke - US Standard (in)


Y Stroke - US Standard (in)

Dia. 78.7

Table Size (WxL)- US Standard (in)


Max Load - US Standard (lbs)


Spindle RPM US Standard

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Distance Between Column inch(mm) 102.3 (2600)
Height inch(mm) 70.2 (1750)
X Stroke inch(mm) 98.4 (2500)
Y Stroke inch(mm) 133.8 (3400)
Z Stroke inch(mm) 31.4 (800)
W Stroke inch(mm) 39.3 (1000)
Spindle (RPM) 10000
Table size inch(mm) Dia. 78.7 (Dia. 2000)
Max. load lbs(kg) 22000 (10000)
ATC Tool Pod 60
Control TOSNUC PX-100

BIG-PLUS, SNOUT 240 designed for AATC (Automatic Attachment Tool Changer)

BIG-PLUS type shank, CTS, Maximum speed of Snout 240 spindle: 10,000 RPM. (AATC, AAI compatible)

Spindle Head cooling unit

Use of highly effective spindle head cooling unit for stabilized high accuracy cutting operations.

Scale feedback on X, Y and Z Linear axes, and C Rotary axis.

All linear axes and rotary axis are designed with servo drive mechanism in order to achieve high rigidity and high accuracy.

Automatic attachment indexing device (AAI - 5degee or -1degree) (Optional)

There are two ways for program as bellow. Automatic indexing at every 5 degree or every 1 degree: M37C. When selected three-dimensional coordinate conversion in CNC: G37C.

Automatic Attachment Changer (AAC) (Optional)

AAC function is Automatic Attachment Changer. AAC provides higher productivity for your operations.

1-degree indexing head designed for AATC (Optional)

1-degree indexing head. (AATC, AAI compatible) Please contact Shibaura Machine representative for more details.

4-axis Head with AATC (Automatic Attachment Tool Changer) (Optional)

4-axis head (AATC, AAI compatible) Please contact Shibaura Machine representative for more details.

Z-axis thermal displacement compensation function (Optional)

This function monitors the spindle temperature and compensate value of Z-axis coordinates.