Achieving Injection Molding Excellence with Integrated Auxiliary Equipment

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, June 21, 2023 - Staying ahead of the competition in manufacturing requires adopting innovative solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. Auxiliary equipment offers a way to enable precise and automated handling of materials, streamlined production workflows, and real-time monitoring of key performance indicators. 

Taking it a step further, Shibaura Machine provides seamless integration of auxiliary equipment with its injection molding machines. This allows businesses the opportunity to unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency by enabling manufacturers to optimize various aspects of their operations and improve overall operational performance. 

Streamlined Workflow 

Traditionally, auxiliary equipment such as robots, mold temperature controllers, chillers, dryers, and hot runner systems operated as separate entities with their own controllers. Shibaura Machine enables seamless communication between its injection molding machine and these auxiliary equipment controllers through VNC (Virtual Network Computing). 

This integrated control and monitoring system provides a comprehensive view of the production cell from one control panel, improving management of the molding process and ensuring a smoother production flow. For example, customers can directly integrate robot controls into the Shibaura Machine V70 controller. Through the VNC robot link feature, manufacturers can set up, program, and control leading robot brands, including Sepro, Star Automation, and Yushin, from the main V70 controller. 

Shibaura Machine's injection molding machines are also designed to recall setup information of various auxiliary equipment, reducing the need to change programs on independent HMIs. In these cases, the settings can be saved as part of the mold recipe. As a result, operators can switch between different setups without the time-consuming task of reprogramming independent HMIs. This time-saving feature is particularly useful for manufacturers with multiple accessories, further enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Automation and Error Handling

Integrating auxiliary equipment with Shibaura Machine's injection molding solutions also enables programmable inputs that respond to alarm or error signals generated by the auxiliary equipment. 

For instance, if the mold temperature controller detects an out-of-tolerance water temperature, the machine can be programmed to take appropriate action. It can continue running while diverting suspect parts and providing a visual or audible notification to alert the operator. Alternatively, the machine can stop, back up the injection unit, and initiate an auto purge while notifying plant personnel of the issue. This integration prevents the production of potentially defective parts due to auxiliary equipment malfunctions, improving overall productivity.

Optimize Your Production Process

Shibaura Machine's integration approach fosters connectivity and communication between the different pieces of equipment needed to maintain a competitive edge. By integrating the auxiliary equipment with the injection molding machine, these devices become part of a unified solution allowing manufacturers to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

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