Precision Optics and Thin-Wall Molding Made Easier with PRESTROL

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, May 10, 2023 - In order to produce high-quality parts with consistent properties and dimensions, it's important to achieve uniform distribution of material within the mold cavity during the injection process. However, this continues to be a top challenge for molders, particularly on parts with large projected areas and thin walls because they are more prone to variations in material flow and cooling rates. 

To overcome this challenge, a variety of techniques and technologies have been introduced over time. By carefully controlling variables, injection molders can improve the quality and consistency of the parts they produce, even for those with large projected areas and thin walls. 

With the voice of the customer in mind, the PRESTROL function on the V70 controller optimizes the filling and packing phases of the injection molding process, allowing for the consistent material distribution needed to reduce part defects.

Improving Precision Optics and Thin-Wall Molding Quality

PRESTROL is a circuit that achieves compression operation in conjunction with injection operation through controlling the clamping force using a multistage program. By using the function, strain near the gate can be reduced, and pressure can reach outer areas of the mold cavity even with high-speed filling. This option allows molders to achieve high-quality parts with consistent properties and dimensions.  

Elimination of warpage, sink marks, and internal stress 

By achieving compression operation with clamping force, it not only shortens the pressure transmission path in the resin but also distributes uniform force over a wide area. This results in the elimination of warpage, sink marks, and internal stress.

Improved transferability

Enable high transferability in molding of precision optics products such as lenses, discs, and products with large projected areas and thin walls.


The clamping force PPR1 to PPR6 and the compression speed VPR1 to VPR6 for compression operation can be programmed. The setting pattern of clamping force and compression speed for compression operation is represented graphically and can be easily visually-checked. Setting data of the function can be saved in and loaded from the internal memory.


The precision of the movable mold position of the function is 0.01 mm, and the precision of the clamping force time is 0.01 seconds.


On the PRESTROL function, speed control (VPR1 to VPR6) can be set individually for each compression operation clamping force (PPR1 to PPR6). This control allows for increasing or decreasing speed of clamping force, allowing the user to profile the clamping function for their specific application. 


Upgrade Your Injection Molding Process

Injection molders face numerous challenges when it comes to achieving uniform material distribution in the mold cavity during the injection molding process, especially for parts with large projected areas and thin walls. However, with the addition of the PRESTROL function it can significantly improve the quality and consistency of the parts produced. 

Contact the Injection Molding team to learn how the PRESTROL function can serve as a powerful tool to enhance the performance and efficiency of your Shibaura Machine injection molding machine and further improve quality for even the most difficult to produce parts.

Tel: (888)593-1616


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