Innovation and Precision at the Center the FANUC 31i-B Plus CNC Control

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, December 5, 2023 - 

The FANUC 31i-B Plus marks a significant advancement in machine tool CNC control technology. Known for its efficiency and exceptional features, it's designed for modern, complex machines, driving innovation in machining.

This control system stands out for its ability to handle machines with many moving parts that need to work quickly and with high precision. It achieves this with advanced controls for moving parts and tools, setting new standards in performance.

Merging Advanced Controls with User-Friendly Operation

Innovative software algorithms are at the core of the 31i-B Plus, analyzing part geometries and machine capabilities to adjust trajectories and feed rates. For example, when integrated with the BTH-130.R24 horizontal boring machine it ensures optimal processing speed without sacrificing high precision. This results in the smoothest toolpaths making it easy to handle complex machining operations with exceptional efficiency.

Ease of operation is also a key feature of the 31i-B Plus. Its iHMI (Intelligent Human Machine Interface) graphical display, characterized by intuitive icons and animations, offer a consistent look and feel across screens. The user interface is similar across all machines, which also helps streamline training and enhances overall efficiency. This design not only enhances the operator's comfort but also ensures operational effectiveness by simplifying the complexity.

The hardware includes ultra-high-speed processors and a high-speed CNC internal bus, complemented by optical fiber cables for rapid data transfer. For example, the 31i-B Plus can comfortably handle complex machining operations without sacrificing speed. This powerful combination guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. 

5-Axis Machining: Redefining Possibilities

The 31i-B Plus excels in 5-axis machining, allowing operators to effortlessly program and control multiple axes of motion, including spindle speed, feed rate, and depth of cut. For instance, combined with the MP-2620 (U) bridge-type multi-tasking machine, it allows for precise and complex 5-axis operations. The 31i-B Plus makes programming these tasks simpler, thanks to its user-friendly features like error compensation and tool center point control (TCP). 

A Partnership for Excellence: Shaping the Future of Machining

Shibaura Machine is able to customize the FANUC 31i-B Plus CNC control to meet specific operational needs. This flexibility ensures that the control can meet diverse application and user requirements with ease.

As a pioneer partner with FANUC, Shibaura Machine has been helping customers harness the full power of their machine tools for decades. For those eager to explore the full range of FANUC's advanced features, the Machine Tool team is committed to guiding you into this new era of manufacturing excellence, where innovation meets precision.

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