Expand your Horizontal Boring Machine Capabilities with Additional Axis Control

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, December 14, 2022 - 

Depending on a parts’ geometry, having 5-axis machining can have a major impact on your productivity and quality. Being able to move the cutting tool along five axes allows for a high degree of flexibility and precision in the machining process, enabling the machine to produce complex shapes and contours with a high degree of accuracy and expanding your ability to capture work in the future. 

However, if your shop is currently running a traditional horizontal boring machine it likely only has 3 or 4-axis. These axes allow the table to move left and right (X axis), spindle head up and down (Y-axis), column or table movement (Z or W axis), and a table rotary (B axis). In order to achieve more complex machining with high levels of speed and accuracy, a full 5-axis machining capability is required. Shibaura Machine offers our customers several configurations to add rotation axes, allowing traditional horizontal boring machines (HBM) to function as 5-axis machines. 

Exploring Benefits of Table-on-Table With Your Existing HBM

The use of 5-axis machining can transform your manufacturing capabilities. From traditional 5-axis performance to complex multi-tasking operations, it can be a true competitive edge. Depending on your HBM and part requirements these factors will help narrow down which option is best suited for you. 

When machining round workpieces or complex shapes, in addition to controlling the X, Y, Z, and B axes, adding the A-axis to function as a simultaneous 5-axis machine that maintains continuous contact between the tool and workpiece. This newly configured 5-axis machine brings freedom and flexibility in machining. For example, your traditional HBM is now able to produce complex three-dimensional shapes such as gas turbine parts within a single set-up.

Endless Possibilities in Part Production

Shibaura Machine offers a comprehensive selection of 5-axis (table-on-table) configurations for horizontal boring machines to give you endless possibilities in part production and the lowest total cost of ownership. Contact the Machine Tool team to discuss the best configuration for your Shibaura Machine equipment to ensure you are the most competitive and profitable.


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