Enhance Your Machine Tools Performance With These FANUC CNC Control Options

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, December 06, 2022 - 

Shibaura Machine is proud to offer machinists the FANUC CNC control as an option with many of our high performance machine tools. As a world-class technology leader in CNC control designs, the capabilities of today’s FANUC control systems provide a variety of options to improve machine performance and capability. The control systems also have a variety of additional control options offering an array of benefits from increasing accuracy, reducing cycle time, and improving surface finish.

These additional control options offered on the FANUC expand the range of applications in which its machine tool can perform effectively. All of these options will change nothing about the design of the actual machine tool, as the functionality resides generally within the FANUC control. 

Achieve More With FANUC Control Options

The FANUC CNC control is a powerful tool for customization, providing machine tool builders the flexibility to choose additional options to meet their customers requirements. 

1. Increase Speed and Accuracy

While most machines are designed with either high speed or high accuracy, the high speed machining options provide capabilities such as look ahead, enhance acceleration/deceleration, and automatic feed rate controls to increase both the speed and accuracy in one.

2. Increase Program Storage

With the FANUC registered part programs addition, users will be able to store upwards of 1000 programs. This can be extremely beneficial for those using many small part programs, sub-programs, or macro programs. 

3. Expand Part Programming Languages

The Custom Macro/Custom Macro B option makes it easy to create your own custom cycles or parametric family parts programs. With its error-proof processes and data entry, programmers can quickly improve the machining process. This option includes program flow control, math and logic functions, and local and system variables, plus application for probing.

Some more of the most common options include additional part program memory, 999 tool offsets, Advanced AI Contour Control 2, and a wide range of 5-axes options. Contact your Shibaura Machine Tools representative for a complete list of available FANUC control options.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Your FANUC Today

While these options can require additional activation, the competitive edge they provide allows your machine tool to increase quality, efficiency, reliability, and reduce cycle times.

If you are not sure which options are currently available on your control, contact our Machine Tools team and they can help select and integrate the best options for your machine tool.


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