How Manufacturers Can Meet the Demands of the Renewable Energy Market

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, July 12, 2023 - 

As the world prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility, the renewable energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation. Countries and industries worldwide are seeking cleaner and more sustainable alternatives to traditional energy sources, in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Manufacturers that embrace the shift towards renewable energy and adapt their strategies accordingly stand to gain substantial advantages in this evolving market. 

For that reason, Shibaura Machine continues to focus on being at the forefront of this renewable energy revolution, offering innovative solutions to support the transition to a greener future.

Wind Turbine Components: Harnessing Precision & Power

Wind energy is a rapidly growing sector within the renewable energy landscape. In response, many manufacturers are taking on jobs producing wind turbine components. Shibaura Machine's machine tools excel at meeting critical requirements for wind turbine components. For example, the BTH-130.R24 of large horizontal boring machines allows for the efficient production of complex surfaces found in wind turbine components.

These tools are designed to prioritize precision and accuracy, enabling manufacturers to achieve tight tolerances and dimensional control in their production processes. With the robust, rigid design of the machine tools, stability is further enhanced during heavy-duty machining, ensuring the durability and reliability of wind turbine components. With high versatility and flexibility these machine tools accommodate various geometries and complexities required for different wind turbine parts. 

Electric Vehicle Powertrain Parts: Driving the Future of Mobility

Machine tools continue to play a large role in the automotive industry, particularly as the electric vehicle (EV) market evolves. In response to the growing demand for electric vehicle components, Shibaura Machine has developed multiple machines that will enable 5-sided and 5-axis machining strategies for their production, which is especially useful for battery packs and other critical components. These machines allow automotive manufacturers to adapt quickly to the evolving product cycles required for electric vehicles.

Specifically, Shibaura Machine’s MP-2620(U) double-column type multi-tasking machining center is a high precision tool that can be used for multiple operations. It enhances operating margins on existing workpieces, secures additional work, and improves productivity, empowering manufacturers to meet the requirements for EV part production efficiently. 

Adapting to Changing Market Trends

As major players in the energy sector transition away from traditional energy sources towards alternative renewable sources, the industry is undergoing significant changes. These transformations require different components, resulting in new requirements and increased demand for manufacturers. Shibaura Machine recognizes these market trends and actively adapts its strategies to align with emerging opportunities.

By collaborating with Shibaura Machine, manufacturers can harness the potential of the renewable energy market and position themselves as leaders in sustainable manufacturing. To learn more about Shibaura Machine's solutions and the role they play in driving renewable energy transformation, contact the Machine Tool team.

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