Mold Recipe Management: Saving Time and Money in Injection Molding

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, June 9, 2021 - Think of a chef on a Friday night at a popular restaurant. They are tasked with switching from one recipe to the next in a single night. Not only that, they need to make sure they use the correct measurements, with quick turn around, all while making sure the customer is happy. Your injection molding facility is faced with similar challenges around productivity everyday in order to remain competitive. 

While improving your facilities productivity is nothing new, there are some options that get you results more efficiently and effectively than others- one of them is utilizing a mold recipe management tool. Even with proper training of molding personnel, the setup, loading, and unloading of molds can be very time consuming. 

The Shibaura Machine V70 controller comes standard with a mold recipe management function that allows for 100% automation in controlling your mold set-up data. 

Automated Mold Recipe Management

Typical goals in injection molding include things like scrap reduction, reduced set-up times, and minimized downtime. Utilizing the V70 controller's mold recipe management function can help achieve all this and more with features such as:

  • Save and load mold recipe data within the internal memory of the controller (up to 300 mold set-ups can be saved internally) or a USB memory device (up to 300 mold set-ups can be saved on an external device);
  • Easy interface to customize your mold recipes with a title, product code, mold code, mold number, material code, and material number. Notes can be added and saved with the mold set-up as well as pictures;
  • Pull up and edit mold recipes while your machine is running another mold without interruption of the current production run;
  • Automatically load the next mold recipe so it is ready at the end of a production run.

Additional features of the mold management function on the V70 controller include ability to store and view set, stop, alarm, and operation history (the last 1000 of each). Also, all monitoring history and profile data for a particular tool can be saved to a USB memory device and mold recipes in the internal and external memory can be easily sorted by title or production code for quick reference.

Shibaura Machine developed the V70 controller with our customers in mind. The mold recipe management function allows for improved productivity from day one. Contact us at to learn more about how the V70 controller can start improving your injection molding process today.

Contact us today to learn how our mold recipe management tools can benefit your injection molding shop!

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