Machining Excellence: Shibaura Machine's TUE-200(S) Vertical Boring and Turning Mill on Display at IMTS 2024

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, July 9, 2024 - 

As the manufacturing industry continuously advances, the demand for versatile, efficient, and precise machinery grows stronger than ever. Shibaura Machine, America is thrilled to announce that the TUE-200(S) Vertical Boring and Turning Mill will be a highlight of our booth located on Level 3 in the South Hall, #339424 at the upcoming International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2024. This modern machine tool represents the pinnacle of our engineering excellence and commitment to advancing the capabilities of the manufacturing industry.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Superior Rigidity and Stability
    The TUE-200(S) features a high-rigidity structure with a robust column and base design. With cast iron components in one-body construction, this ensures exceptional stability during heavy-duty cutting, reducing vibrations and maintaining precision even under the most demanding conditions.

  2. Advanced Spindle Technology
    Equipped with a powerful spindle, the TUE-200(S) delivers high torque and rotational speeds, enabling efficient machining of a wide range of materials. The spindle's thermal stability and precision bearings further enhance its performance, ensuring consistent accuracy and longevity.

  3. Extended Z-Axis Ram Travel
    The TUE-200(S) provides the option to be designed with an extended column and Z-axis ram travel, allowing for greater flexibility and reach when machining large and complex workpieces. This feature increases the machine's capability to handle diverse machining tasks with precision.

  4. Versatile Machining Capabilities
    The TUE-200(S) can handle a variety of workpieces, from small components to large, heavy parts. Its flexible tooling options and automated tool change system allow for quick and efficient transitions between different machining tasks.

  5. Enhanced User Interface and Control
    The machine is equipped with an advanced FANUC CNC system that offers easy programming, real-time monitoring, and diagnostic capabilities. This user-friendly interface minimizes downtime and maximizes operational efficiency.

  6. Precision and Accuracy
    Accuracy is paramount in precision machining, and the TUE-200(S) excels in this area. Its high-precision linear guides and ball screws ensure exceptional positioning accuracy, while the machine's thermal compensation system maintains consistency in varying environmental conditions.

The Pinnacle of Machining Innovation

The TUE-200(S) is not just a machine; it is a comprehensive solution for modern machining challenges. It combines turning, milling, and boring capabilities into a single setup, significantly reducing cycle times and improving overall productivity.

Advanced Chip and Coolant Management
The innovative splash cover chip and coolant management system ensures that chips and coolant remain within the machine's workzone, preventing spillage and maintaining a clean working environment. The splash cover is an optional feature that can be added to both new and existing machines, providing an additional layer of protection and management without compromising accessibility.

Enhanced Tool Changeover with Access Door
Efficiency in tool changeover is crucial for maintaining high productivity levels. The machine features a convenient access door that allows operators to change active cutting tools without removing the entire tool holder/block assembly. This feature minimizes production halts and reduces downtime, offering a competitive edge to machining operations.

Versatile Tool Holders for Precision Machining
The TUE-200(S) is equipped with a diverse range of tool holders, from conventional tools to quick-change adapter systems, each designed to maximize functionality and versatility. These tool holders cater to various machining operations, from intricate boring to precision turning. Several key tool holders are listed below.

  • Boring Tool Holder (FMS50A-BFP)
  • Turning Tool Holder (FMS50A-ST)
  • Sandvik CAPTO (C6, C8)

Join Shibaura Machine at IMTS 2024

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the future of precision machining and explore the possibilities that the TUE-200(S) can bring to your manufacturing operations. Visitors to IMTS 2024 will have the opportunity to check out the TUE-200(S) in action. 

Event Details:

  • Dates: September 9-14, 2024
  • Location: McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, South Building, Level 3, 339424- Metal Removal

Registration: Open to the public at IMTS 2024 Registration


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