Intelligent Data Acquisition: A Look at FOCAS2 and Machine Tools

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, September 19, 2023 - 

Data acquisition and machine maintenance are now more than just operational requirements; they are strategic imperatives for manufacturing success.

Recognizing the critical role data plays, manufacturers are increasingly looking toward intelligent machine solutions that automate tasks and offer powerful data analytics capabilities to optimize performance. Shibaura Machine's machine tools integrated with FANUC's FOCAS2 allow machinists these capabilities while setting new standards for modern machine tool maintenance.

Understanding the Architecture: What is FANUC FOCAS2?

For those familiar with FANUC’s Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) systems, FOCAS2 isn't just another acronym; it's a framework for operational intelligence. FOCAS2, or Factory Automation Company Advanced Server, is more than a communication protocol—it's the information hub that connects your machine's intricate details securely to management teams. Embedded within FANUC CNCs like those found on Shibaura Machine’s machine tools, FOCAS2 library files bridge the gap between raw machine data and actionable insights.

FOCAS2 isn't just an update on existing options. Its enhanced compatibility includes support for modern PC operating systems and an even wider variety of CNC types. FOCAS2 also provides a seamless integration with IIoT Industry 4.0 tools, like Shibaura Machine's machiNetcloud. This allows the machine tools raw data to be transformed into refined, actionable operation applications.

A Winning Combination for Modern Machine Tool Maintenance 

Pairing FOCAS2 with Shibaura Machine machine tools isn’t just about compatibility; it creates a dynamic partnership between hardware and software. The FANUC control systems are known for their high-speed, high-precision capabilities, which align perfectly with machine tools. FOCAS2 upgrades these machines into intelligent resources. 

Below are several examples of how machinists can leverage the real-time, data-driven insights to inform maintenance schedules and optimize operational parameters.

Real-time Insights

With FOCAS2, you're not just operating a machine; you're gaining real-time data, from spindle speed to tool integrity. This immediacy facilitates agile responses to machine conditions, significantly reducing unscheduled downtime.

Enhanced Productivity

What makes a good machinist great is the ability to continually refine operations for maximum efficiency. With FOCAS2’s data-driven insights, fine-tuning becomes a science rather than an art, boosting productivity to new heights.

Beyond Hardware: Streamline Maintenance with FOCAS2

Shibaura Machine's machine tools equipped with FANUC controls and FOCAS2 provide an integrated solution designed for streamlined data analytics. 

Invest in intelligent solutions with Shibaura Machine.

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