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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, April 13, 2022 - 

With machine availability being a key metric to the production capability of your factory it leaves us asking, is there a better way to maintain and reduce downtime of your machine tool? 

The answer is Yes.

Depending on the machine tool configuration you will have various technologies to help maintenance personnel maintain machine tool performance and reduce downtime. Shibaura Machine offers a variety of onsite or virtual training classes including mechanical and electrical maintenance and CNC control to improve machine availability. Our goal is to ensure whether your factory has horizontal boring machines, vertical turning lathes, bridge mills, or horizontal machining centers that you are utilizing your Shibaura Machine tool to its fullest capability.

3 Ways to Improve Machine Tool Availability

Ensuring your team is able to conduct the proper maintenance of the machine tool will help improve efficiency and part quality, and increase ROI on your investment. The three areas below are all instrumental in improving machine tool availability. 

1. Troubleshooting 

If your maintenance staff are able to better diagnose issues, the quicker the machine tool can get back up and running. Understanding the maintenance manuals, the TOSNUC control panel, and how to use and locate the information necessary is key to reducing downtime.

2. Safety

Often overlooked, the safety of the machine is an integral part of maintaining and improving machine tool availability. Understanding and being able to easily locate and utilize interlocks and emergency switches allow you to perform maintenance with ease.

3. Preventative

Knowing the ideal schedule and how to perform preventative maintenance is one of the biggest game-changers for improving overall machine tool availability. The more easily your team can locate oil charts, change filters, and perform regular service quickly and properly the better ROI you will see.

Shibaura Machine provides programs and support for customers in all three of these areas. Empower your shop to avoid unplanned maintenance and minimize planned maintenance turnaround with Shibaura Machine. Contact the Machine Tool team to learn more about how we can help you improve your machine tool availability with our variety of maintenance programs.

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