Shibaura Machine’s Checklist for a Successful Machine Tool Installation

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, October 04, 2021 - 

High quality machine tools will last for years, so for many shops it may have been awhile since their last installation. The prep before and set-up of your CNC machine is important to make sure it can do its job properly for years to come.

At Shibaura Machine Company, America we have installed thousands of CNC machines. However, the preparation for installation starts with the customer. Skipping important steps in the space planning or otherwise can affect the ability of the technician to perform their job. Our team has compiled a list of steps we recommend taking to ensure a successful machine installation. 

Steps for a Successful Machine Tool Installation


Before installation, you will want to assess the location for install and make sure it is properly equipped to run the machine.

Materials to order and have on site include:

  • Proper lubricants
  • All electrical components (breaker, disconnect, wire, conduit, etc.)
  • Grout 

Site preparation

The location needs to have proper foundation per the manufacturers specs and be completely cured. You will also want to confirm that the installation site has the necessary air supply, power supply, and is clean and clear.

Shibaura Machine Company, America believes in order to have a successful installation that communication with the customer is key. Expect to hear from your representation to discuss the installation time and what assistance will be required on your behalf in advance.

During Installation

Installation will be seamless with the right preparation. Use this section as a reference to make sure you have the right people and products in place.

Shibaura Machine Company, America’s installation technician will work with your designated contact to ensure all questions are answered. Some common communication to expect includes:

  • Site Questions: Have a contact that is available to answer questions and able to make decisions about the site and placement of the machine. An extra set of hands at times is also a great help!
  • Our technicians will communicate advance notice regarding power and air requirements, and also the status of the machine installation progress. They will be able to answer questions and provide machine knowledge.

Certain steps during installation will require the assistance of a shop's team members and specific materials to be on hand. These items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Proper moving equipment and personnel (this includes: proper rigging equipment for location and qualified riggers)
  • Grout tools and personnel to mix/pour once the machine base is set
  • Utility connection for electrical to machine and air to machine when requested
  • Access to the machine by technician, 10-12 hours per day and Saturdays                                                      


Congratulations on your new machine tool installation! In order to make sure you are successful with your new purchase Shibaura Machine Company, America recommends the following:

  • Prepare for Operational Training

Machine operation training will set the stage for helping shops see a greater return on investment. Make sure your operators are prepared for the training by clearing their schedule for the day(s) to focus on learning and are proficient in G code and general machine operation.

  • Warranty Information

Should any issues arise post-installation it is important to have a clear understanding of your warranty. Customers should report machine issues to Shibaura Machine Company, America's service department and communicate any questions to service immediately for assistance. 

  • Additional Option Install Preparation

If you require additional installation of auxiliary or other components, make sure the machine is available. This may include parts probe, tool setter, FANUC or TOSNUC control options.

Now that your machine is safely ready to operate, make sure to continue with the recommended general maintenance. At Shibaura Machine Company, America, we are committed to making the process of machine tool installation quick, easy, and accurate for customers.

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