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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, December 8, 2020  

High-performing, durable machine tools can make the difference between a job done well and on time and a job, well, not.

Investing in machine tools made with quality parts and materials allows those on the job to power through their work uninterrupted and with precision. At the end of the day, this can result in higher spindle utilization, machine availability, and even lower cost per part- all adding up to lowering the cost of ownership.

Not all machine tools are created equal. We are sharing what you should consider and look for when purchasing machine tools to ensure durability.

Considerations for Machine Tool Durability

No matter what industry you are using machine tools in, they should always meet certain standards. You expect high-quality craftsmanship and in order to output that, your machine tool durability is important. Consider these four points before investing in machine tools.

  1. Downtime

Durable machines will yield an increase in machine uptime.

  1. Maintenance

Superior product durability means a reduction of maintenance or repair when using the machine tool for its operation over its design lifetime.

  1. Workpiece Quality

Expect predictable, sustainable machine results with durable machine tools. For every workpiece produced, no matter how complex, durable machines will yield superior quality.

  1. Product Life Cycle

Machine tool durability means that the machine will have a longer life cycle which offers an opportunity to enjoy a lower cost per piece benefit.

Learn how our customer, Frisa Aerospace, reduced downtime and increased productivity

Learn how our customer, Frisa Aerospace, reduced downtime, increased productivity, through the durability offered in the Shibaura TUD model vertical turning machine."The biggest challenge we have is to improve productivity and quality

Changing the Standard

With durability should also come the support of a reputable manufacturer who is on your side with solutions. Shibaura Machine is committed to developing flexible, high-quality, high-performance machine tools for our customers. 

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