Security and Simplicity: The Dual Focus of the V70 Controller's User Log-in

  • Injection Molding

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, November 15, 2023 - In today's competitive injection molding industry, the difference between leading the pack and falling behind often comes down to the smallest details—like the user log-in experience on your injection molding machine controller. With the customer voice in mind, Shibaura Machine designed the V70 controller not just for performance but also for an exceptional user experience, starting at the log-in screen.

Where Power Meets User-Friendly Experience

The V70 controller is not just another interface; it's a complete system designed to simplify tasks, reduce errors, and improve overall operations. The user log-in experience has been thoughtfully designed to offer both security and ease of use, aligning with Shibaura Machine's commitment to doing things simpler, safer, and more efficiently.

Smart Controls: The First Layer of User Experience

Upon logging in, users are greeted by a 19-inch touchscreen that employs smart controls. Color-coded indicators for speed, pressure, timers, and more make it easy to understand machine status at a glance. This intuitive design extends to the user log-in process, ensuring users can quickly access the system's full range of features.

Advanced Security Measures

With six different user options, you can designate the appropriate access levels. The levels include:

  • Administrator
  • Operator 1
  • Operator 2
  • Maintenance
  • Set-up personnel
  • Operations management

Once a user authenticates their credentials, the system is tailored to meet their unique needs. In order to minimize user error, advanced security features prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and machine controls. Once logged in, the controller will store and track changes made by the user.

Streamlined Workflow and Enhanced OEE

User log-in on Shibaura Machine's V70 controller is not just a formality; it's a strategically designed feature aimed at enhancing security, customization, and ultimately, factory efficiency. With its smart controls and user-centric design, the controller sets the standard across the injection molding industry. 

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