How Mold Movement During Charging Can Reduce Cycle Times in Injection Molding

  • Injection Molding

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, November 7, 2023 - As the injection molding industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, efficiency is paramount. The capability of simultaneously charging during mold movement has become a game-changing innovation, setting new standards for cycle times, energy savings, and product quality.

Traditional Methods: Sequential Operations

Traditionally, screw charging and mold movement were executed separately and sequentially in hydraulic injection molding machines. This meant that the mold movement would not begin until the screw charging process was completed. Since the machine couldn't move on to the next step until the previous one was finished this creates increased cycle times.

The Modern Approach: Simultaneous Operations

Using all-electric machines like the Shibaura Machine SXIII all-electric series, screw charging and clamping can be performed simultaneously. By overlapping these processes, the machine can produce parts faster, increasing throughput. This can offer a significant advantage in high-volume production settings.

The Shibaura Machine All-Electric Advantage

By allowing simultaneous screw charging and mold movement, the SXIII series takes efficiency to a whole new level. With independent servo motor control of each axis, screw charging can be done during mold movement, reducing cycle time and increasing efficiency.

The SXIII series of all-electric injection molding machines are not just fast; they're smart. By allowing simultaneous screw charging and mold movement, these machines set a new standard in efficiency and quality.

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