Building a Virtual Fortress Around Your Factory: machiNetCloud's Zero Trust Security and Amphion Devices

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, June 22, 2023 - 

In today's manufacturing landscape, remote access to machines and automation systems has become essential for efficient operations. However, traditional perimeter security measures are no longer sufficient to protect sensitive data and ensure operational integrity. To address these challenges, machiNetCloud offers a comprehensive IIoT solution with its Zero Trust security model and the powerful Amphion devices.

The Power of Zero Trust Security

Imagine a factory that relies on remote trobleshooting and external service providers to support its operations. The management team understands the importance of protecting critical data from cyber threats. That's where machiNetCloud's Zero Trust security model comes into play. Unlike traditional security approaches, Zero Trust assumes that breaches can occur at any level and designs security measures accordingly.

Streamlined Connectivity

Picture a factory that utilizes Shibaura Machine equipment along with auxiliary equipment and various factory machinery, including non-Shibaura Machine equipment. One of the biggest advantages of machiNetCloud's Zero Trust model is its ability to establish secure connections with all of these pieces of machinery. This means that the system can seamlessly integrate and communicate securely with the different machines, enabling efficient and reliable operations throughout the entire manufacturing process.

With the Zero Trust model, the factory can achieve a high level of security and connectivity, ensuring smooth collaboration between all equipment involved and enhancing overall productivity. This also ensures that authorized remote service technicians can efficiently access and support all the assets on the shop floor, regardless of the equipment's manufacturer or type.

Enhanced Security Measures

With Zero Trust, the factory implements strict control over remote service technicians' access to equipment on the shop floor. This ensures that only authorized individuals can establish connections, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Protection Against Cyber Threats

machiNetCloud's Zero Trust model prioritizes cybersecurity, guarding against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. It addresses vulnerabilities posed by conventional remote access options, such as machine-mounted DIN rail VPN devices with "free" connectivity plans. By constantly monitoring and updating connected devices, machiNetCloud minimizes security risks and helps protect critical data.

A Virtual Fortress Around All Factory Equipment

At the heart of machiNetCloud's secure network lies the Amphion devices, acting as a guardian for the factory's equipment. The Amphion establishes secure connections between the equipment and the private cloud, creating a robust virtual fortress. The seamless integration between the green Amphion managed by the IT team and the red Amphions embedded within factory equipment enables unparalleled security and efficiency.

Secure Remote Service and Maintenance

Oftentimes, a factory needs to provide remote access to authorized service technicians for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. By using the Amphion device, the factory can establish controlled outbound connections exclusively to machiNetCloud's designated destinations.

This prevents any response to inbound connection attempts, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access to the factory's equipment. The encrypted communication channels ensure that sensitive data transmitted during remote service activities remains secure, safeguarding the factory's critical information.

Continuous Protection and Scalability

For factories concerned about cybersecurity threats and the need to keep devices up to date, the Amphion offers automatic updates with the latest security patches and features. By staying connected to machiNetCloud, the Amphion receives immediate updates, ensuring that it remains protected against emerging threats. This feature saves the factory manager valuable time and effort by streamlining the update process and providing continuous protection without manual intervention.

Scalability is also a crucial factor for factories, whether they require connectivity for a single machine or multiple machines. Additional red Amphion boxes can be added economically, minimizing hardware expenses, installation costs, and management complexities. The added red Amphions integrate with the factory's existing network infrastructure, eliminating the need for extensive modifications. Experts can receive an access key via email, enabling secure remote support and monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency.

Secure Execution of Custom Programs

In scenarios where factories want to leverage Machine Learning and AI applications while maintaining device and data security, the Amphion's Docker container framework becomes invaluable.

By providing a secure environment for custom programs, the Amphion allows developers to perform local AI applications without compromising device security. This use case enables factories to leverage advanced technologies while maintaining strict control over the security of their systems.

Resilient Cybersecurity Infrastructure

In a constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, a factory needs assurance that their equipment remains resilient against emerging threats. The Amphion's robust Linux-based architecture, built on a hardened Linux kernel, provides a strong foundation for security and can be easily configured to suit various scenarios.

The device leverages the expertise of a network of security professionals dedicated to identifying and addressing emerging threats. This ensures that the factory's infrastructure remains secure and protected against evolving cybersecurity challenges, regardless of the factory's existing network infrastructure.

Robust and Scalable Security for Modern Manufacturers

As modern manufacturers strive to secure their operations in an era of remote access and cyber threats, machiNetCloud's Zero Trust Security Model, coupled with the powerful Amphion devices, offers a robust and scalable solution. By adopting this innovative approach, manufacturers can ensure the highest level of security for remote service and monitoring.

If you are a manufacturing factory manager seeking to enhance the security and efficiency of your operations, reach out to the Digital Services Division. Discover how machiNetCloud can provide a secure passage for remote service and monitoring, enabling you to secure your manufacturing future with confidence.

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