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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, March 4, 2021 - 

The trend in die casting is moving towards increasing cast part complexity and quality requirements. From specific geometries to growing demands on accuracy, dynamics, and reproducibility of motion sequences during the shot it is more important than ever for reproducible and zero-defect quality. In order to achieve this an efficient, precise, and user-friendly die casting machine is required.  

However, despite the numerous technological advancements over the years unplanned production downtime and performance still greatly impact die casting profitability and sustainability. As an industry leader in innovation, Shibaura Machine set out to focus on key customer challenges in order to design die casting machines that can meet market opportunities and scale to the needs of the future. 

Die Casting Machines to Meet Customer Challenges

A key challenge in production plants is being able to react quickly to customer demands for parts. Being able to keep up with your customer’s decreasing lead times now means having a die casting machine that is truly high-performance, flexible, and efficient. For Shibaura Machine, this meant placing a focus on improved productivity and user-friendliness of our machines so our customers can not only meet but exceed customer expectations.  

Customers who have operated Shibaura’s Die Casting Machines reported:

  • Substantially Reduced Unplanned Production Downtime

With reduced unplanned production downtime, you can depend on the machine. Technicians are able to work on other projects and make better use of their time. It also means you can Plan Production Downtime to pull the die out to PM it, do schedule maintenance on the machine, and production changeovers.

  • Improved Operation

Compared to other machines, Shibaura Machine’s die casting machine’s user experience allows even a technician with little training the ability to be successful. The TOSCAST system puts all data and components into well-organized and easy to access screens. Customers reported that the only thing they need to do with our machine is the PM’s schedule, of which recommendations are usually prompted on the screen.

  • Dependable Repeatability

With the injection unit precisely controlled and monitored in real-time, it allows the highest quality repeatable part. Customers report running the machine all night long without needing to continually be analyzed. This dependability of the machine allows each casted part to be produced with accuracy and repeatability.

Shibaura Machine remains committed to being at the forefront of innovation in die casting. Our die casting machines are designed to improve profitability and make your operators and engineers more efficient. 

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