• UVM 700E(5AD)
  • UVM 700E(5AD) 5 Axis Head
  • C 168 3 33 En R1
  • C 168 3 34
  • C 168 3 39 En R1


High Precision Machining Center UVM Machine

UVM Series has been developed with the concept of high speed and high quality machining, providing High Precision Aerostatic Bearing Spindle. This is a high precision machine and one of application targets is a precision mold.


X Stroke - US Standard (in)


Y Stroke - US Standard (in)

19.7 x 19.7

Table Size (WxL)- US Standard (in)


Max Load - US Standard (lbs)

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X Stroke inch(mm) 31.8 (810)
Y Stroke inch(mm) 31.5 (800)
Z Stroke inch(mm) 13.8 (350)
A-axis (degree) -90 ~ +90
Spindle (rpm) 60,000
TABLE size inch(mm) diameter 19.7 (500)
Max. load lbs (kg) 440 (200)
Control FANUC 30i-B

High speed aerostatic bearing spindle

Spindle speed: 60000 min-1
NRRO(*): 0.10 μm
TIR: 1 μm

(*) Measured with the method of Single Point Asynchronous Error Motion

High speed and low heat generation

  • Improvement of machining time
  • Reducing in the types of tools and the processes (small diameter tool use)
  • Low spindle thermal displacement (See the figure at right)

High rotational accuracy

  • Realization of high quality machined surface
  • Enhanced tool life

Virtually unlimited life of bearings

  • Availability of high speed, continuous machining
  • Reduction in the maintenance cost

Low level vibration and noise

  • Realization high quality machined surface
  • Improvement of the working environment

High precision contouring

High quality surface machined with high speed feedrate is realized, providing linear motor driving system for X, Y and Z axis.

  1. High quality and smooth machining around quadrant switching area realized, due to minimized lost motion.
  2. High quality flat surface realized, due to eliminating factors, for instance, influenced by a ball screw driving system.

Linear motor drive

High precision positioning and smooth feed

Reliable step feed 0.1 μm realized, providing 0.01 μm of programming resolution for X, Y and Z of linear 3 axes.

Efficient cooling system

UVM-450D(H), UVM-700E(5AD)

Thermal stabilizing system allows high-precision machining for long hours.
Circulates a temperature-controlled liquid through the structure.