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MPF Series

Double Column Type Machining Center MPF Machine

The MPF Series is a high speed and efficient double column machine for multiple part and general purpose applications.

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55.1 ~ 216.5

X Stroke - US Standard (in)

82.7 / 102.4 / 122.0

Y Stroke - US Standard (in)

70.8 x 55.1 ~ 98.4 x 196.8

Table Size (WxL)- US Standard (in)

22000 / 44000

Max Load - US Standard (lbs)


Spindle RPM US Standard

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Distance Between Column inch(mm) 82.7/102.4/122.0 (2100/2600/3100)
Height inch(mm) 41.3/55.1 (1050/1400)
X Stroke inch(mm) 55.1 ~ 216.5 (1400 ~ 5500)
Y Stroke inch(mm) 82.7/102.4/122.0 (2100/2600/3100)
Z Stroke inch(mm) 28.4 (715)
W Stroke inch(mm) 0/19.6 (0/500)
Spindle (RPM) 10000
TABLE size inch(mm) 70.8 x 55.1 ~ 98.4 x 196.8 (1800 x 1400 ~ 2500 x 5000)
Max. load lbs(kg) 22000/44000 (10000/20000)
ATC Tool Pod 60
Control Tosnuc PX-100

RAM-type Spindle Head (Attachment change capable)

The thick, 14.96”-square (380mm-square), ram is hardened and ground with high accuracy on straightness, squareness and parallelism.

590 ipm (15,000 mm/min) X, Y-axes Feed Rate, 472 ipm (12,000 mm/min) Z-axis Feed Rate

For X and Y-axes with maximum feedrate of 590 ipm (15,000mm/min), Z-axis 472 ipm (12,000mm/min) for high-speed axis feed, actual idle time is minimized for greatly improved productivity.

10,000 RPM High Speed Spindle, Big Plus

High-speed spindle head AC 60/49 HP, 40 ~ 10,000 RPM

Automatic Attachment Changer (AAC) (Optional)

AAC function is Automatic Attachment Changer. AAC provides higher productivity for your operations.

Automatic Attachment Tool Changer (AATC) (Optional)

AATC function is designed for ATC for attachments. AATC provides higher productivity for your operations.

Automatic attachment indexing device (AAI - 5deg. -1deg.) (Optional)

There are two ways for program as bellow. Automatic indexing at every 5 degree or every 1 degree: M37C. When selected three-dimensional coordinate conversion in CNC: G37C.

Direct Table Change type Automatic Workpiece Changer (DTC/AWC) (Optional)

For the conventional APC (pallet changer), pallet loading in layers on the pallet base were transferred. This MPC-EII series machine allows the table to directly ride on the machine bed to increase the machine rigidity and accuracy.

Angle head, Snout and Universal head (Optional)

Variety of attachments are available. Please contact Shibaura Machine representative for more details.