Shibaura die casting machine’s PQ Valve is a more reliable solution

Controlling the movement and forces in a die casting machine can be complex or simple,

Shibaura die casting machines use a proportional flow and pressure control valve that makes control simple!


In any hydraulic system a fluid is used to do the work by actuating cylinders or motors. 

The source of that moving fluid is in most cases a pump. 

However the flow from the pump to the system must be controlled. 

In a Shibaura die casting machine the control of the moving fluid is by a Pressure and Quantity (PQ) valve. This allows accurate control of die close and open as well as core and ejector movement. Ejector pressure can be limited and locking set to low pressure on closing to prevent die damage.

Please feel free to watch the following video of our Training Module SMA302 (Machine Trouble Shooting) to learn more about the operation of the PQ valve.

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