Looking Beyond Standard Maintenance to Improve Machine Tool Life

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, June 14, 2022 - 

Your machine tool is a major investment and with that, you expect a long service life. While Shibaura Machine takes extensive measures to engineer world-class equipment, some still in use after 30+ years, it is also critical for machine owners to engage in maintenance to enable the machine tool to operate properly, produce quality parts, and continue running through the years. 

Beyond standard maintenance, what else can owners do to ensure machine tool longevity? 

Conditional monitoring is an increasingly popular option to get a clear picture of your machine tool’s health. Being able to aggregate accurate machine tool data 24/7 enables your team to make data-driven decisions when it comes to preventative maintenance. Specifically, vibration monitoring offers a simple way to strengthen your maintenance and machine tool reliability.

Prevent Issues Before They Arise

Being able to avoid unplanned downtime and improve machine tool operating performance starts with knowledge. Vibration sensors offer factories key insight into the wear of machine tool components, imbalances, and other changes early on. Plant personnel can then analyze the vibration data and make decisions to enable early problem diagnosis and prioritize maintenance efforts.

This type of data acquisition has been reported to:

  • Improve downtime response
  • Move teams away from reactive maintenance
  • Save costs on prematurely changing machine parts

Start Improving Uptime

The addition of vibration sensors is just one way to understand your machine tool’s health and provide early identification of issues. This can not only extend the life of the machine tool but further enhance its operational benefits. 

Contact the Machine Tools team to learn more about improving the life of your machine tool.


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