Shibaura Machine Horizontal Spindle Quill Machines Bring Power and Versatility to Shop Floors

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, July 12, 2021 - 

Spindles continue to play an important role in a fast production space. Horizontal spindle quill machines allow shops to take on complex cutting jobs and also combine the structural stability and geometric precision for enhanced performance reliability.

Over the past 47 years, Shibaura Machine has manufactured 1000’s of Horizontal Boring Machines (HBM) utilizing both column or ram axis (Z) and a quill/bar axis (W). The system was designed to increase efficiency and versatility of large-part machining. These machines stand out from the rest with construction that allows them to machine surfaces smoothly and optimally. Their flexibility allows shops to innovate and increase production– with the reliability of the Shibaura Machine name.

Designed With the Machinist in Mind

The quill/bar axis from Shibaura Machine demonstrates maximum power and versatility. With the Z/W tracking of tool point position, users can easily verify tool point position regardless of quill or column position. It also offers an extended reach of tool point without sacrificing positional accuracy of the machine without additional tool joints and offers the ability to utilize Tool Center Point Control (TCP) in 5 axis machines. If you have a machining application that requires longer tool reaches, why not use the quill instead of longer tool lengths?

Shibaura Machine offers an extended range of quill/bar diameters (110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 160mm and 180mm diameter) and operators may choose to use spindle attachments such as U axis that utilize bar extension to mechanically move the position of U axis tool point or other attachments requiring activation by a quill/bar.

An extended range of the workpiece probing capability is available with various workpiece probe cycles and rotary axis tracking for multi surface machining is accomplished with quill extension.

Take on Complexity

Tackle complex production jobs with ease by utilizing the quill/bar axis capability. Shibaura Machine offers the quill/bar axis capability on the following machines:

  • Series BTH- Table-type horizontal boring and milling machines
  • Series BP- Planer-type horizontal boring and milling machine with rotary table
  • Series BSF- Floor type horizontal milling and boring machine
  • Series BF- Floor type horizontal milling and boring machine

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