Protect Your Tooling Investment with Shibaura Machine’s “Auto-Tonnage” Feature

  • Injection Molding

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL – August 20, 2020 – Shibaura Machine recognizes that over-clamping your mold can lead to mold damage, early tool wear, and product quality issues. 

It is not uncommon for molders to use more clamping force than their mold requires.  In addition, actual clamp tonnage may vary as the mold heats up and expands during processing. This can affect the actual tonnage applied to the mold often resulting in tooling damage (crushed vents), premature mold wear, and product quality issues.

Shibaura Machine’s “Auto-Tonnage” feature helps control this key processing variable.  Simply set your required clamp tonnage and turn on the auto-tonnage feature.  The machine monitors actual tonnage via a strain gauge on the tie-bar and adjusts in real time to maintain the proper clamp tonnage.

Contact us today at to learn more about our “Auto-Tonnage” feature and to schedule a demonstration.

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